9 Easy Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Stand Out

Having a strong LinkedIn profile can really make a difference, especially when it’s time to job search. But how can you make your profile stand out?


1. Get that glamour shot

We’re talking profile pictures. No selfies, no pictures you cut yourself out of, and please NO mirror pics! Find somewhere with good lighting and ask a friend to take your picture. If you have access to a nice camera, that’s great! If not, iPhones or other smart phones will do the trick.


2. Choose a cover photo

While we’re on the topic of photos.. LinkedIn now lets you customize the cover photo on your profile. If you don’t have your own high quality photo, you can search through some free stock photos to find one for your profile.


3. Brag on yourself

LinkedIn offers the opportunity to write a bio/summary about yourself that will go at the top of your page. Take the offer! Write about your strengths, what sets you apart, anything that will show your best side.



A personalized link looks much better than an auto-generated one. For example, my LinkedIn generated URL was www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-long-4a3b2a9b/. Yikes. I customized it to www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-k-long/. Much better. Read how to change yours here.


5. Add content to your profile

You can add all kinds of sections to your LinkedIn profile. Work experience, education, skills, volunteer experience, awards, courses taken, certifications, interests, and even more. Even if you don’t have something to put in every section, add what you can to make your profile content-rich.


6. Add content to your content

For example, don’t stop at simply adding the title of your workplace under experience. Include projects you have worked on, your job responsibilities, and things you have accomplished with each experience.


7. Make connections

LinkedIn was built for connecting with other professionals and building a network. If you don’t have a lot of work experience yet, add people you know from school, teachers, or people you have volunteered with. Try to make at least 300 connections. When you hit that, try for 500. That number may seem high, but you never know who may be able to help you down the road.


8. Stay active

Share or like some articles, maybe even write one yourself! Keep a healthy presence on LinkedIn to show you truly care about creating and maintaining a professional network.


9. Proofread, proorfead proofread, proofread

Have at least one person read through your profile to make sure there aren’t any glaring spelling errors or grammar mistakes. Always remember, there’s a big difference in “Let’s eat, grandma!” and “Let’s eat grandma!” 😮

If you do these things, your profile is sure to stand out!

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