5 Plugins I Always Install On A New Site

After I install the theme, there are several plugins I go ahead and install when I’m building a new site. These are plugins that add some core functionality that I think every site should have.


1. Jetpack

Jetpack is a package deal. It offers features for everything from share buttons to photo galleries to SEO tools. I primarily use it for the ‘Site Stats’ screen. Once you connect Jetpack with a WordPress account, it shows details about who is visiting your website and what pages they look at. It will also give you information about how the visitor found your site – whether it was via a direct link, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The other main reason I’ve used Jetpack is for its blogging add-ons. The ‘Subscriptions’ feature allows you to easily set up an area for visitors to subscribe to your blog. There are several more features that Jetpack offers so I won’t go into every part of it, but most of the features are free so it’s worth checking out.


2. Contact Form 7

This is my favorite contact form plugin. It’s easy to set up, offers complete customization, and it’s even simple to set up an autoresponder. I prefer it over Ninja Forms because I can set up the e-mails to be sent to whatever account I want, instead of just the email connected with the website.


3. Duplicate Post

This plugin makes the actual building of a site much easier. If you have a lot of custom settings on a page or post, this plugin will save you a lot of time. It adds a “Clone” option on the list of pages/posts. When you clone, all of your settings and page structure will be brought over into a new post.


4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO does what you would think: helps with SEO. It allows you to enter a focus keyword per page and gives you an SEO rating based on how that keyword lines up with the page content. It also gives you a ‘Readability’ score on pages and gives you an analysis of how to make your pages read easier.


5. Wordfence

Wordfence is a simple-to-use security plugin. It checks your site for spammy logins and blocks users that seem like hack attempts. You can set up this plugin to send you reports detailing who has tried to log in, what username they tried, and how many attempts were made. Wordfence can also be set up to send alerts when plugins or themes need updating.

Did I leave out your favorite plugin? Let me know in the comments!

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