Coastline Design Group

With CWTech having a focus on Christian organizations, we wanted to be able to market our services to a wider audience without convoluting our current work. Our solution to this was to start Coastline Design Group. At Coastline, we offer similar web design and app design services, along with social media and logo assistance. My role at Coastline is a mix between web designer and project manager. While CWTech is primarily run by me and my business partner, Josh, we have several different team members at Coastline (including my husband ♥). That brings a new set of challenges such as learning how to divide up tasks and work together as team. We solved those problems by implementing Slack for communication and Asana for task management. We’re still in the early phases of this company, but we’ve already had fun building sites that utilize WooCommerce and even one that connects to Printful.