Udacity Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree

In college, my coursework was based in Java. My internship was at a company where I programmed in Java, my first “real” job was at the same company still programming in Java, and at my current job I have been on 2 Java projects. Lots of Java. Which is fun, I do love it. But after side-gigging with CWTech and Coastline Design Group, I started to grow a real interest in front-end development. I knew a decent amount of HTML/CSS – enough to throw together a web page or make edits to WordPress sites. However, when it came to Bootstrap or JavaScript, I was definitely at a very beginner level and I wanted that to change. After looking around at courses online, I landed on the Udacity front-end web developer nanodegree program. It’s very hands on, which is perfect for the way I learn. The course took me about 6 months to complete and covered topics such as Bootstrap, layout techniques, website optimization, KnockoutJS, Jasmine testing, and more. It was a good basis to start growing into a front-end web developer role, but I have a long way to go! If you would like to see any of the projects I completed in this course, you can click the “View Profile” button below and scroll down to “Projects”!