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Twitch + Amazon Prime

I will admit I knew very little about the gaming world before I met my husband. Even though I grew up playing Zelda and Galaga and Mario with my dad, I was very unaware of the HUGE gaming community that exists online. Zak introduced me to a whole new world of streaming, talking to people on Discord, and spending lots of time on Twitch. Did you know that Amazon bought Twitch? I had no clue. But this is really good news for Prime members! How? I’ll let someone with a bit more experience with it all explain..



Hey guys, Zak here. Andrea’s right! (Editor’s note: Of course) Amazon buying Twitch is great news for Prime members because Prime members get a FREE Twitch subscription every month! Here’s how:

  1. Have an Amazon Prime account.
  2. Have a Twitch account.
  3. Go here to link your accounts.
  4. Find a channel you like and subscribe for FREE!

As Andrea mentioned, I’m pretty involved in the Twitch community. If you’d like to check out my channel, you can do that here!

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